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Integral® Hatha Yoga (updated August 11, 2017)
Tuesdays at Noon - Savannah Yoga Center -Savannah (1319 Bull St.)
Thursdays at 4PM (October & November 2017) - Savannah Yoga Center - Savannah (1319 Bull St.)
Saturdays at 9AM - North Beach at Tybee Island (see more below)

Pregnancy Yoga (updated August 11, 2017)
Every Thursday 6 – 7:15 PM
Savannah Pregnancy Yoga
Savannah Yoga Center (1319 Bull Street)
Savannah, Georgia
email ann@aikyayoga.com for more information
$135 for a rolling 6-week session

Tybee Island Beach Yoga
Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays (Weather permitting)
9AM - 10AM (April 2017 - October 2017)
Yoga on The Beach at Tybee Island, GA
Integral® Hatha Yoga
From the North Beach Parking Lot (across from lighthouse),
Take the Gulick Street Walkover to the beach
(straight ahead as you drive into the parking lot)
Bring a mat or beach towel and water
email ann@aikyayoga.com for more information ~ private lessons are available all year. Classes on the beach are by donation - so pay what you would like!  More information (and updates on cancellation due to weather will be posted on my Facebook Page)

Pregnancy Yoga Workshop
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 ~ 6-8PM
Flourish Yoga Studio ~ 8872 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, GA  31324

Pregnancy is a transitional time when many physical and emotional changes take place. Pregnancy yoga is about honoring these changes in ourselves, our body and our baby. It helps to prepare moms for a more mindful approach to the challenges of pregnancy, labor and delivery, bringing focus and connection between mother and baby. Postures and breathing practices are done to strengthen and relax the rapidly changing body during pregnancy. Increased flexibility, strengthening of the pelvis and uterine muscles and an increased ability to relax will be beneficial during the roller coaster experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Ann Carroll is a Registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, a 500 hour RYT, a Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator and HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Join her at this quarterly, two hour workshop to connect with your baby, your changing body and other mamas-to-be.  The price for the workshop is $35.  To Register, go to www.teamflourish.com

Yoga Nidra ~ Deep Relaxation
Dates to be announced
Savannah Yoga Center ~ 1319 Bull St., Savannah, GA  31401

Our body and mind seek respite from the busyness of our everyday lives. When we practice yoga nidra, we appear to be asleep, but our consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness as we remain alert while our normal waking consciousness dissolves into sleep. As the consciousness is separated from external awareness and from sleep, it becomes very powerful. Yoga nidra is a time when our bodies integrate daily events and facilitates our ability to heal and rejuvenate and we can directly experience true peace and relaxation.

Led by E-500 RYT Ann Carroll, the class will begin with very gentle hatha yoga to prepare the body for rest. She will then lead an extended guided relaxation and meditation, relaxing the body, breath and mind. As you move deeper into this state of relaxation, you detach from the senses, develop concentration and sink into a state of super-consciousness. Yoga nidra is one of the most transformative and adaptive of all the yoga teachings and with practice, you can bring this state of rejuvenation, concentration and healing into your every-day life. It has been used therapeutically for healing, to enhance productivity & creativity and to improve sleep and general health. $19 in advance or $25 day of event.  Go to www.savannahyoga.com to sign up.

Infant & Toddler with Mom &/or Dad Yoga
Sunday, September 20, 2017 ~ 2-3:30PM
Savannah Yoga Barre ~ 2132 Victory Dr., Savannah, GA

Practicing yoga with your little one gives parents the perfect opportunity to strengthen their bond with the benefits of increased love, trust and the joy of stretching and releasing that yoga brings to all.  It also provides practical help to sleeping longer, digesting better and growing stronger.  In the class, parents are distracted by the outside world and are able to take time to focus on their little one's intentions, needs and desires - as they also enjoy the benefits of yoga.  Infants & Toddlers thrive with postures designed to make them feel love, trust and the joy off stretching and releasing that is innately yoga. The class is $25 in advance or $35 the day of the event.  To register go to www.savannahyogabarre.com.

Laughing Meditation
Go to website to see upcoming dates:  www.savannahyoga.com
Savannah Yoga Center 1319 Bull St., Savannah, GA 31401

Laughter is the best medicine! Did you know that laughter has been medically proven to boost the body’s immune system and suppress illness caused by stress? Join us for a laughing session to provide internal jogging for the body and enjoy the positive aspects that laughter can bring into your life. Everyone is welcome, no special dress or experience required.  The price is $10.  Please go to www.savannahyoga.com to register.

Stress Management Series
Dates to be determined
Savannah Yoga Center ~ 1319 Bull St. Savannah, GA 31401

Yoga is the perfect solution to learn tools to juggle a work/life balance and bring more joy into the present moment. In this 4-week series - you’ll discover what causes your stress, how it manifests in the body and most importantly how to bring all the limbs of yoga “off the mat” and into your life. No yoga mat required for these classes which will be a combination of discussion and chair yoga. Participants can come dressed for a yoga class (loose, comfortable clothing) or wearing suits and ties. (Okay… full disclosure… we may make them loosen the ties and kick off their shoes.) It is appropriate for all ages and levels of physical fitness. All stress, both physical and mental, is stored somewhere in the body and yoga can help release that tension on both levels. A yoga based stress-management program can reduce physical and mental stress while increasing, strength, flexibility, energy and feelings of well-being. The cost for the 4-class series is $120 in advance or $140 on October 4th.  To sign up go to www.savannahyoga.com

Session One — Understand Stress
Session Two — Heal from Past Stress
Session Three — Cope with Present stress
Session Four — Prevent Future Stress

Essential Oils & Yoga Workshops
November 19, 2016 ~ The Essence of Winter
Savannah Yoga Center ~ 1319 Bull St., Savannah, GA  31401

Moving into the Winter season means spending more time indoors and more introspection – a time of hibernation and relaxation.   Essential oils are the lifeblood — or prana — of the plant.  Explore a gentle yoga class to balance the energy center (chakras) using breath, movement and the senses as we discover how to use very essence of plants to move stagnant energy, open our energy centers and bring us into balance. We will explore several different oils as we move through a gentle yoga practice focusing on the breath and leading into deep relaxation.  As we balance the body, we begin to experience our true nature, which is peace.  Sign up at savannahyogacenter.com or call, text or email Ann Carroll, ERYT-500 (912) 704-7650 or ann@aikyayoga.com for questions.

Create Your Sparkling 2017
January 15, 2017, 9-3PM
Savannah Yoga Center ~ 1319 Bull St., Savannah, GA  31401

A day long retreat right here in Savannah! Do you want to get your personal life and home in order? Plan a new business, make a hobby into a money making endeavor, or just make sure that you don’t let the joy of 2017 slip by? Do you need a retreat with yoga and meditation? Are you ready to kiss 2016 goodbye? This Retreat is for you! Each participant will get materials and have the time to create a plan for 2017 with yoga and meditation sprinkled in. We will break for lunch so bring your own or we will send out for delivery. The price for the workshop is $99 in advance or $125 the day of the event.  Sign up at savannahyogacenter.com or call, text or email Ann Carroll, ERYT-500 (912) 704-7650 or ann@aikyayoga.com for questions.

Love is in the Air ~ An Essential Oils & Yoga Workshop
February 11, 2017
Savannah Yoga Center ~ 1319 Bull St., Savannah, GA 31401

Connect, forgive & open to prepare to feel more connected with the world and the people in your life. Enjoy a gentle hatha yoga practice, breathing practices and deep relaxation focusing on heart, chest, and shoulder openers. We’ll use the very essence of plants to help make the connection to cultivate an open heart and quiet mind. We will explore a variety of oils to reconnect to the pure and simple ways of the heart and foster love and trust in oneself and in others. A combination of chest and shoulder openers will leave participants feeling energized and more spacious from the inside out while connecting to their inner wisdom focusing on the breath and leading into deep relaxation.   Sign up at savannahyogacenter.com or call, text or email Ann Carroll, ERYT-500 (912) 704-7650 or ann@aikyayoga.com for questions.

Fertility Yoga is currently only offered only as a private session.  Please email ann@aikyayoga.com to schedule a class.