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Yoga at the Beach
The beach is a magical and oh-so-relaxing place to be and Tybee Island’s north beach is no exception.  So, imagine that you are on the beach just after the sun rises ~ and you’re doing yoga! I cannot picture a better way to start your day, whether you are on vacation or starting a busy day of work or play.
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Integral Yoga at Savannah Yoga Center & Savannah Yoga Barre
Integral Yoga is a relaxing meditative hatha yoga class that is perfect for all levels.  Ann teaches a class each Tuesday at noon and Thursday at 5:45PM at Savannah Yoga Center (1319 Bull Street, Savannah, GA.)  She also teaches on Wednesdays at Noon at Savannah Yoga Barre (2132 E Victory Dr., Savannah, GA).  Please join Ann for an experience of yoga, meditation and relaxation that will nourish your soul.

Yoga At Work
Yoga at Work is the perfect solution to learn tools to juggle a work/life balance.  While yoga in the office may sound unorthodox, it is becoming more popular as human resource departments struggle to relieve employee pressure.
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Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnancy is a transitional time when many physical and emotional changes take place. Prenatal yoga is about honoring these changes in ourselves, our body and our baby.
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Fertility Yoga
Yoga is a system of techniques for balancing the body, mind and spirit.  Women who have a goal to get pregnant can use yoga techniques to prepare their bodies to conceive.
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