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Yoga at Work is the perfect solution to learn tools to juggle a work/life balance.  While yoga in the office may sound unorthodox, it is becoming more popular as human resource departments struggle to relieve employee pressure.

Yoga can be done anywhere (seated at a board room table or in a lunch room) and shared by people with diverse fitness levels and ages, making it the perfect solution.

Classes can be structured to meet the individual company’s needs, incorporating both lecture and practical applications. Timeframes can be established from a one-time, one hour class to half day sessions or on-going sessions.

Participants can come dressed for a yoga class (loose, comfortable clothing) or wearing suits and ties. (Okay… we may make them loosen the ties and kick off their shoes.)

All stress, both physical and mental, is stored somewhere in the body and yoga can help release that tension on both levels. A yoga based stress-management program can reduce physical and mental stress while increasing, strength, flexibility and energy.

With these yoga program offerings, employees will experience both immediate and long-term effects. They will face the workday armed with tools to combat stress that can be done right in the office.

Many Benefits:  While most stress management programs just talk about how to deal with stress, our yoga programs get results!  Employees learn hands-on techniques that they can practice without leaving their office.

It Works!  Companies are faced with the issue of stress on the workforce in many different levels.  Stress affects manual workers and office personnel as well as top management – Stress does not discriminate.  The variety of offerings provided by Yoga at Work addresses each area.

e-mail ann@aikyayoga.com to schedule private sessions or a session catering to your work group.