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If you've ever taken an Integral Yoga class -- you'll know why I love to teach and practice this traditional, meditative style of yoga.  I still remember the first Integral Yoga class I ever attended with my friend Cindy RobertsAnn in najmaste.  We didn't know what to wear (pajamas - we later determined), we showed up on the wrong day (to a more advanced class) and we were definitely not quiet as we entered the room of meditating yogis.  Still, I left that class feeling with a peacefulness that was amazing - a similar feeling that you get when you've had a wonderful massage.  I was more relaxed than I could remember and the world just looked rosier than it did before I entered that class.  Even though we were loud, inexperienced and not expected that day, we were welcomed.   We loved the class and loved the way we felt when we left that day.  I realized immediately that I wanted more of "that" in my life.  I feel very fortunate that I was introduced to this lovely, spiritual style of yoga.  Big love & thanks to my amazing teacher, Joyce Ann Leaf!!!  Do you want to give it a try?  I've added a few classes to my schedule -- come and experience the peace that is your true nature....  Tuesdays at noon (starting Sept 2nd) at Savannah Yoga Center - Pooler (111 Canal St.)..... Thursdays at 4PM (now!) at Savannah Yoga Center - Savannah.... Saturdays at 10AM (starting August 30th) on the North Beach at Tybee (Gulick St walkover from the North Beach parking lot).  Hope to see you there!

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